Listing of respected webrings.

For those who want to drive right into the "Meat and Potatoes" and want to see linkage. We'll bring everything up front. Any links where people have personally contacted us will go into Cellar Door. These are simply groups of people we joined who were kind enough to share our link on their site. Thus, we return the favor. House Rules and details are below.

There is one thing that we're going to do separate from the rest of those who host a Webring. Instead of simply vomiting a ton of buttons on a screen and letting you determine where to go based on a picture or short animation. We're going to describe sites. We feel it's a bit of a disservice as a blogger to have links going somewhere only to turn around and say nothing about them. Also, it adds a bit of personality to it all knowing that we do indeed visit the sites that are on these webrings at LEAST once to describe them to you the reader.

Side benefit: For those rocking Lynx browsers it should make life hella easier on your guys since instead of clicking on a cluster of words hoping for the best you at least know where you are going.

Some house rules that only apply to S-Config.com:

    • Sorted by connectivity (Clearnet, Tor, I2P) first. Then, in alphabetical order with common word removal such as starting with "The-" or "www".
    • We reserve the right to remove anyone from our site. Fuck around and find out.
    • All add/remove/edit actions are manually driven. This means additions and removals will not be real-time and may be prone to error. Contact us if we did not add or remove your site.
    • If the destination site does not have a webring it will not make it here; We make a few exceptions and often will be in danger of being removed. Webrings are participatory and it must be shared between all sides that you support the ring just as much as everyone else. This includes:  (If you have links and this site is not a part of them. If you only have a handful of links you deem as favorite.  And, if you only wish to display text because images ruin your site's aesthetic.) We would like to believe this is a reasonable request.
    • Linking to someone else's webring site or GitHub does not count. That is just lazy. No.
    • These are our rules of webring moderation and do not reflect the rules of Lainchan itself. Be grateful we don't moderate the mainline.;)

Honorable mention time.


Clearnet: https://furryring.neocities.org/
Description: Furryring is a site that exists on Neocities to act as a webring hub. Although the fandom is close to our hearts. We can't join the furry ring as it enforces the execution of JavaScript that we the web administration cannot control. Sorry guys! But we'll at least throw a link here for those interested in checking out said sites.

The Lainchan Webrings (updated 06/14/2024)


Clearnet: https://www.lainchan.org/
Description: The Lainchan forum is where this webring was born. It's a 'chan' because it's based on the image board/forum CMS of a similar name. Just like many chans, it's anonymous but it doesn't make Lainchan lawless. The mods there will remove comments that get out of hand. As for the Lain part, well! It's an anime that tackles a lot of subjects about existence on the net. And it's one of those anime's we watched and appreciated. Surprisingly it's one of those animes that every fanboy didn't attempt to beat me over the head on how awesome it is (we're looking at you Naruto, Attach on Titan, Death Note, and Evangelion people!) Anyhow, the rules were incredibly simple. Address, image.. That's it! There are optional things you can do like RSS however that is not necessary.

Right, now we explained the source. Let the pain scrolling begin from here!

Sites with multiple mirrors:

The ArcadeThe Arcade

Clearnet: https://articexploit.xyz/
Onion/Tor: http://artic725lafwfqnygqxraupupg7dtbf4own767duq2bxj3t7dszvzmid.onion/
Description: The Arcade has a lot of eye candy and is graphically very nice to look at. Although we're not entirely sure if the background art is the admins or not. It's a great start but nothing has been posted since 2023. Their videos section is at least self-hosted allowing Tor clients to check them out without breaking through to the clear-net side. But they do have a "YouTube" section if interested as well.

Cozy NetCozynet

Clearnet: https://www.cozynet.org/
Onion/Tor: http://kfgw55ndxkdnxu42cntbm3fd7tthrxgruq4bewaxhc7iytysetmreuyd.onion
Description: Cozynet is another quality self-hosted website that has a little bit of everything. From animations, music, and personal blog entries. Hosting an IRC server (which sadly we have not tried) and keeping their weblinks generally up to date. It's one of the few websites we repeatedly visit because of how diverse the postings are on there. If we were to recommend a good starting point for self-hosting and the "Small-Web" in general. This would be one of those sites we would put right at the top of the list.

A little odd they don't have their clear-net resolve to Tor right away. But at least their Tor is functional which is why it's going to the top of the list!

Datura NetworkDatura

Clearnet: https://datura.network/
Onion/TOR: http://daturab6drmkhyeia4ch5gvfc2f3wgo6bhjrv3pz6n7kxmvoznlkq4yd.onion/
Description: Has the same feel as Nihilism.network in terms of the business-card-styled website and it may in fact be. It's just a bunch of links going off to other sites and a list of some of the decentralized services that they are experimenting with. So we guess that's a "Mission Accomplished"?


Clearnet: https://intr.cx/
Onion/Tor: http://intrcxv4fa72e5ovler5dpfwsiyuo34tkcwfy5snzstxkhec75okowqd.onion/
I2P: http://6jaqgde66kdsqct4ptzdj2vd32kblnk5scgwoprtmcreqbhobuhq.b32.i2p/
Description: Interloper is one of those sites where we feel rather redundant as the graphic says exactly what's happening. A minimalist website with many services like an IRC server, mumble services. Their blog has also been slowly building up over the years with helpful articles about tech and in general breaking away from the dependencies of modern tech and the web. Like us, they're one of the few that is available on all net connection points.


Hidden CornerHidden Corner

Clearnet: *NONE!*
Onion/Tor #1: http://ubnm4kfxmjglxh2zrlunbxubg3knzr6wumixzkl5xmkc7h5oho4lx4qd.onion/
Onion/Tor #2: http://hidcorktriskdf6rz7xsgobe77a6mekyfjmc3byg5cpwvge32i5iqvad.onion/
I2P: http://6wtwgsezmmiwubp23abh2iwdpyteipmn5nwzgfwrcnygwvmthmzq.b32.i2p/
Description: Hidden Corner is one of those very few websites on the alternative network scene that has some staying power to them. Generally, sites that do not have a clear net and only have an Onion stay for a few weeks. Maybe a few months. and Disspear. This is understandable given the very nature of Tor and I2P to mask underneath anonymity. The Hidden Corner sort of defies this and has stayed online for the long haul! But in general, the Hidden Corner is someone's blog posting a variety of articles wrestling with life and privacy with the last posting to be sometime in 2023. Hidden Corner is exclusive to the alternative network as they do not have a clear-net address at all! Showing you have a visible site without spending terrible amounts of money on a clear-net domain and SSL.

Jakes ThoughtsJakes Thoughts

Clearnet: https://jakesthoughts.xyz/
Ontion/Tor: http://y5wnzw4e6i7srm2gqadlow5anhlaj5avdkzbwzbmrxwkygxdp7ffieqd.onion/
I2P: http://jakesthoughts.i2p/
Description: We stumbled across this guy's website well before the Webring when we too were travelers of the Tor network. Also the admin of jakes-mail.top . They were somewhat inspirational to us because they proved you could be discoverable on the Onion/Tor network. That there were not many blogs existing out there. It's just unfortunate they kinda stopped after 2022.

Liberty WitchLiberty Witch


Clearnet: https://libertywitch.com/ 303's to a 'name liquidate site'
Onion/Tor: http://mlucvtipzluwceniyzwxt52a3wdvu3t3ahdshht3sctc6hs4o2umqjad.onion/
Description: Liberty Witch is a personal website posting stories about psychonaughtical activities as well as why you should build a website along with other political blogs. Has not been updated since 2023 and the original clear-net address is now routing to a cybersquatter so we're not sure how long this site going to be around. This is unfortunate as Liberty Witch was a part of the Webring for a super long time.

Size of CatSizeofCat

Clearnet: https://sizeof.cat/
Onion/Tor: http://sizeofaex6zgovemvemn2g3jfmgujievmxxxbcgnbrnmgcjcjpiiprqd.onion/
Description: SizeofCat has to be one of the most popular self-hosted blogs within the Webring universe with a very good reason. Because the author is always publishing something new to their site. Be it photos, tech articles, privacy, and opinion pieces. It's highly active and filled with a lot of great information about various subjects on the internet. from software and hardware tech articles. To other personal projects.

Sites on the Clearnet:


Clearnet: https://3to.moe
Description: 3to (Strength. Skill. Spirit) is one of the newer additions to the Lainchain webring where it's not a blog like most as much as it is almost a business card describing the services that are currently live and being hosted on their server along with some of the projects that the administration has been involved with providing links to many of their coding projects. The interface is very clean and simple. Unsure of their last update on content.

Angels are Mathmetical websiteAngels Are Mathematical

Clearnet: https://angelsaremathematical.neocities.org/
Description: If there is one thing we need to get off our chest right away with Angels is Mathematical. This website needs to win an award for opening up with one of the interest points being improvised explosives! Okay Okay! looking past that It's a Russian blogger showing off their art and talking about a lot of life subjects that are happening around them and the subjects they truly care about. Very cozy and traditional for a Neocities-Esque site.

Agora RoadArgora Road

Clearnet: https://agoraroad.com/
Description: Agora Road is a forum and a messaging board in many ways similar to how LainChan is governed. Harkening itself back to the time before social networks when it was encouraged to use a handle or alias instead of spilling your guts across the internet only for some negligent company to fuck off with it for a quick buck. Agora Road has a web page called "Agoras Travelers" which allows the denizens of its forum to post a link on their websites allowing fellow forum people to check out more of the "Small Web".  Beyond checking out some of their topics  S-Config has never signed up to Agora Road. Thus,  it would be rude to ask to be a part of Agora Travelers if all we did was lurk. Whereas Lainchan encourages the Lurk. It's rare to see a forum appear on a Webring but it meets the requirements of participation as it does indeed have Lainchans Webring on their board.  The forum has all kinds of discussions involving life, tech, and other subjects and is one of the more active forums out there.


Clearnet: https://andrei.xyz
Description: Andrei is a very graphical and professional-looking blog talking about tech but predominantly reviewing music and movies. Their blogs are very up-to-date showing things happening in their life and have another area called "Project 366" which is a collage of photos they have taken. Super rich in content and one of those sites that we were happy to discover via the webring. There are sections that break rather easily on his site as some of his media links back to YouTube which bars a person (depending on the country) from viewing but he describes what is happening so even if you didn't get the link you at least know what is happening.



Clearnet: https://b4rkod.net.tr/
Description: Barkod's Basement is a personal site with a fairly simple layout showing some tech blog articles. But also shows that they are running an IRC server as well as a Git repository. They are also hosting a library of various images and PDFs and even have some artwork done of their avatar. Very nice base for their site. Unsure of their last update on content as there are no dates on the articles.



Clearnet: https://driftt.neocities.org/
Description: Drifft is one of the older lainchan submissions that surprisingly has an update on their blog roll this year! Seriously dig the punk theme of their site even though their webrings is in dire need of update. Also, some of the pages certainly maintain that underground zine aesthetic. Some of the content site owners' art is scattered about between his articles. Certainly worth checking out.


Clearnet: https://bass2nick.com/
Description: Bass2Nick is the very reason why YouTube sucks for audio demonstrations and iconifies why having a website is important. Because what you get here is audio delivered exactly the way the vocalist/musician wants to deliver it to you across the net. He has an audiobook section, a music section, and more. He is certainly not lying about that bass too!

Cabbage SorterCabbage Sorter

Clearnet: https://cabbagesorter.neocities.org/
Description: Cabbage Sorter is a neat part of the Webring community in the respect that they have a lot of content in regards to reviewing anime and books. Been on the webring for a very long time. Dig the style of their site. and is still active in 2024. We just think they need to work a little on their webring section *hint hint*:D


Clearnet: https://confusion.codeberg.page/
Description: Confused is an incredibly brief business-card-styled website that does have a blog section. RSS seems a little glitched out. Only a handful of entries with unknown dates. For something 'slapped together' in a night it does the job.

Crystal TildeCrystalTilde

Clearnet: https://crystal.tilde.institute/
Description: CrystalTilde made me do a double-take as I just visited mouse.services and they used the same anime graphic there too. The page has a good start. A few articles in 2023 and a few entries in 2024. It feels like there should've been a lot more entries but they are gone? Not sure.

extramundaneThe Extramundane

Clearnet: https://extramundane.xyz/
Description: The Extramundane is a super simple one-page website with articles from 2021 and 2023 (Thus far). It's quick and simple. Not much to say beyond that!


Clearnet: https://eyetower.xyz/
Description: Eyetower just started with a blog section with a few articles and that's about it right now. Apologies for the super mundane review we just don't have a lot to work with!

FaithFaith in the machine spirits.

Clearnet: https://deurist.neocities.org/
Description: Faith in the Machine Spirits is a simple website with some poetry. And flesh. Apparently.;)

Forever Like This.Forever Like This

Clearnet: https://foreverliketh.is/
Description: Foreverlikethis is rather content-rich in the fact that the admin is a teacher and thus shares some of those stories of teaching with the rest of the net. As a result has a lot of book recommendations for different topics as well as throwing down their own opinions and reviews on topics, anime, and shows. etc. One of the biggest things this site is going for is it's striving for interconnectivity with as many Webrings as humanly possible. Thus, their site almost serves as a directory listing of some of the more active webrings out there. This site also has a content warning/NFSW area which are just topics that aren't for children. Thus, it's good for the rest of the net!


Clearnet: https://galladite.net/~galladite/
Description: Galladite is a Christian (Hence the Latin on the front page) who's into self-hosting. Supposedly a blog article in 2024 but it's still pending. Cool enough to put up with our asses by putting us on the button page. If you're into religious stuff it's certainly a place to visit.

Gap and Freinds - Love is realzGap and Freinds

Clearnet: https://gapandfriends.neocities.org/
Description: Gap and Freinds is mostly an art site. The articles have not been updated since 2023 however their art page has been keeping up. I do remember they were having a lot of hosting troubles which is why they originally fell off of my wedding list. However, Glad they are back and are still rocking.

Getimiskon's SpaceGitimiskon's Space

Clearnet: https://getimiskon.neocities.org/
Description: Getimiskon is a short website with a minimal blog section. No webring. But they have been super friendly to me in Mastodon. So out of respect, they stay.:)

Halogen StarsHalogen Stars

Clearnet: https://halogenstars.neocities.org/
Description: Halogen Stars is a blogger which seems to have stopped around 2022. Although the dream journal is probably the better writing work on this site.

Hellish Chemicals WebsiteHellish Chemicals

Clearnet: https://hellishchemicals.neocities.org
Description: Hellish Chemicals is just a skeleton of a website with no actual content. A shame! With a title like that, we were expecting improvised explosives. Oh wait, that's a different website!

Having a name.HavingAName

Clearnet: https://havinganame.neocities.org/
Description: Havinganame has articles 403 out and the only other thing left is links for FOSS software. That's about it!



Clearnet: https://hen6003.xyz/
Description: hen6003 has possibly one of the hardest fonts I've read for a graphic. Another business-card-style website that has links to some code and a game they have designed. The content is a little on the bare side.


Clearnet: https://jack---91.neocities.org/
Description: Despite the salute to "The Matrix" jack---91 is mostly just a frame. It was built. A "Hello World" post was made and that is all. Not out to bash anyone on the Webring. It's just this feels like one of those projects where the excitement of making a site to post on the webring was a nice rush but then the fun wore out and the admin moved onwards to better things missing out on the additional benefits of posting their thoughts and getting a possible reaction or thumbs up from a person who may write about it years down the road.

JahanrashidiJahan's site.

Clearnet: https://jahanrashidi.com/
Description: Jahan's site with the Tree of Life theming is a very nice opening page and gives the illusion that everything is static but in just a few clicks you discover it's in fact a very updated and nice blog as well as some excellent photography going on there.

JYushimatsu's SiteJYushimatsu's Site

Clearnet: https://jyushimatsu.web.fc2.com/
Description: JYushimatsu is nice enough to give you a splash page warning you that you are about to enter the modern equivalent of a GeoCities website complete with animated gifs, flashing lights, and moving fucking everything! Hard to navigate by design. It's mostly an art piece more than a functional personal web that contains information. Although if you dig enough there are some mentions of Japanese arcade cabinets in there. Believe it or not, there IS a Webring in all of this insanity. Which is why this site stays.


Clearnet: https://kassy.neocities.org/
Description: Kassy's website from first impressions seems to be a photographic blogger that joined during that joined Lainchan rather early. Also talks of XMPP and website design. Last update on any of their articles was around 2022.


Clearnet: https://kinisis.xyz/
Description: Kinisis is a very clean tech blog that shares their personal experiences with computing and self-hosting. Yeah. Not much more to be said here.:)


Clearnet: https://lain.la/
Description: Lain LA with the symbol of the navi computer may give you the impression that this is the main hub of the webring. But nope! It's a simple website that is self-hosting a bunch of other web services and the webring is simply one of those services that they do. Not much for a blog or anything personal.


Clearnet: https://lainnet.superglobalmegacorp.com/
Description: LainNet is a personal tech blog mostly revolving around the NEC PC-98. Didn't expect that! There's also some CG graphical work they posted as well.

Idelides WebsiteThe Lazy Goddess

Clearnet: https://idelides.xyz/
Description: The Lazy Goddess originally started as just a bookmarking place for webcomics they liked (Which hey, we like webcomics too!) But as we recently have gone through some of their logs they're starting blogs and articles and have expanded out in adding the content to their site. Navigation through the vaporware theming gets a little interesting at times. But it gets the job done!

Luke's CabinLuke's Cabin

Clearnet: https://lukescabin.neocities.org/
Description: Is Luke's Cabin really Comfy as fuck?!? Sweet Jiminy fucking Christmas we're not sure! But it's a small site that talks about tech, anime, music, and making some fucking bread! Go ahead and kick in the doors to that cabin if you want that bread! Get it! FUCK!

The Minute ManThe Minute Man

Clearnet: https://theminuteman.neocities.org/
Description: All right Minute Man! *poke website with a stick* DO SOMETHING! Nothing has been going on here since June 2023. No blogs, updates, photos, nothing. has a lainchan webring. That's it.


Clearnet: https://mm4rk3t.neocities.org/
Description: mm4rk3t is a tech-style blog that wants to get into programming. It's small. not entirely sure where they are pulling their webrings from as they are crazy out of date. But at least it has something!


Clearnet: https://mouse.services
Description: Simple personal website dealing with *NIX style recipes for doing things as well as some reviews in the 'spaghetti' section. Some of the main topics tend to refer to the index page. So it appears there's some more work to be done.


Clearnet: https://morituritesalutant.neocities.org/
Description: Some maps for quake3. We do like our quake3 and thus approve of this site! No blog or articles or anything else. Which really. That's fine!


Clearnet: https://mauwq.neocities.org/
Description: Mauwq's site did the thing we were expecting a LOOOOOONG time ago when reviewing these pages. They put an "under construction" banner! A true hommage to the GeoCities days as every page is under construction all the time! And in true form. It has been under construction since 2023.

Nauxnam's WebsiteNauxnam

Clearnet: https://nauxnam.net/
Description: Unfortunately for Nauxnam, the only thing working on this site is the logs... Everything else 404's out for me. Fuck.

Navy Joe ComicsNavy Joe Comics

Clearnet: https://navyjoecomics.neocities.org/
Description: Navy Joe Comics is a welcome addition to the webring as they do indeed work on webcomics and stories. As well as having an active blog. very much worth visiting.

New Digital Era
New Digital Era

Clearnet: https://newdigitalera.org
Description: The New Digital Era uses the window theme that we've seen so many other sites abuse as an excuse to cram as many animated gifs and flashing lights as possible and in turn uses it responsibly, which is nice to see how it's supposed to be used. It's a little sad the dreams are 404'ing out but the blog is active. Very nice place to visit!

Nightt's Retro ArtNights retro art.

Clearnet: https://nightt.neocities.org/
Description: One of the first submissions to the Webring and one that has incredible work with pixel art and pallet minimalism. There are a few gifs of anime in there. But the interesting thing is there are scenes behind some of the pictures that will take you to full-screen animated art with audio. Don't expect a whole lot of text going on here.

No sleep for me.No Sleep

Clearnet: https://nosleepforme.neocities.org/
Description: We like the initial VHS splash page as it gives a bit of a skateboard video vibe. Unfortunately, not a whole heck of a lot here as it's suffering a bit of data rot with the guest book. The last update according to the logs was in 2021.


Clearnet: https://oedo808.neocities.org/
Description: One of the older Webring submissions that is still getting updates to this day. This site is neat because it gives recommendations to a lot of the older animes out there as well as talk about making models and has a good photography section(stopped around 2022). Very solid personal blog worth visiting.


Clearnet: https://ophanim.neocities.org/
Description: I believe this blogger was the original poster that started the Webring channel in the first place. But it's a general blog talking about daily life events. They have multiple photo and art galleries ranging from SecondLife to cels from the anime series Lain. Very neat!

The Philosophers LibraryThe Philosophers Library

Clearnet: https://thephilosopherslibrary.neocities.org/
Description: Good start for a place that wants to be a Library. 3 books were uploaded in 2022 and kinda stopped which is unfortunate. Hope they continue onwards.

Present Time
Present Time

Clearnet: https://present-time.neocities.org/
Description: Simple personal blog which for some reason goes off to SoundCloud for one of the pages which may be a restriction of Neocities as to what kind of files you can upload. Last update was 2023.


Clearnet: https://psychcool.neocities.org/
Description: You can't say their page isn't colorful! Wow! But beyond that. It's a very content-rich page dealing with psychology and technology with some videos going off to an invidious server (which is far more respectable than YouTube. So good on you there) It's certainly work checking out.

Purple VoidPurple Void

Clearnet: https://purplevoid.neocities.org/
Description: Purple Void is another one of those sites where they build a structure. Aaaaand stopped. Nothing of real content here. Nothing is 404'ing out it's just that there's a lot of one or two sentence pages and that's it.


Clearnet: https://rainisnot.neocities.org/
Description: Rain is slightly better. Even though there are only five micro blog entries from 2022 at least it's something. 2 poetry entries. That's about it.


Clearnet: https://redchanit.xyz
Description: REDchanit is a group that deals with LAN gaming and hosts a variety of games to play on. Team Fortress, Quake3, Quake Live, Minecraft and more. So if your looking for some gaming server in the Webring universe these guys have you covered.

RequiemRequiem MOE

Clearnet: https://requiem.moe
Description: We're never sure if we should add the domain to their name. However, Requiem.MOE Is a very well-put-together graphical blog that also hosts game servers from time to time. Their blog is up to date and has a lot of entries going for it. This is one of those sites where it's fun to come back to see how the web admin is progressing.

RisingThumbRising Thumb

Clearnet: https://risingthumb.xyz/
Description: Rising Thumbs website may be simple but you quickly find out when going through each of the pages that all of the time is spent on content instead of form. And there is a lot of writing! From poems to stories. Their blog is up to date. Even have some notes about game development. overall. very reader-centric type of site and a solid one to see on the webring.

Room 4Room 4

Clearnet: https://room4.neocities.org/
Description: Room 4 records is a music project that is apart of Lainchain.. That's new! Has a few bands that work with their organization along with pictures and self-hosted videos which is one of the few websites which do this instead of linking you somewhere else. Unfortunetly.  Not much for updates since the construction of the site.

SadGirlsClubSad Girls Club

Clearnet: https://sadgirlsclub.wtf/
Description: Sad Girls Club is not just a blog but it actually hosts a variety of services such as a classical Syncronet BBS, a forum, and they even started their own webring based upon their members. Last blog posts in 2023 but they claim they do more stuff in voicechat then they do on the site. Overall it's a very nice site!


Clearnet: https://scio.icu/
Description: SCIO has a web operator in China that was actually super cool with me and posted my site amoungst one of the few at first when they first joined the LainChan Webring. This site is one of the reasons why we has to sit back and re-evaluate how to display webrings to viewers. Beause they give a breif describtion next to each site (Kinda dig there's no Chinesse word for FURRY it just blasts it out there) 


Clearnet: https://sftn.github.io/
Desciption: SFTN (Strings From The Network)  is a rather simple personal blog where the creator divides into chapters instead of dates. very mono theme throughout it all except for the occasional pictures within the chapters.


Clearnet: https://blog.shr4pnel.com/
Description: Shr4pnel's website's is a simply yet updated personal blog. which a little lower his site has the usual business card activities of other outlets to which you can reach them.


Webrings (updated 05/12/2024):

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