Moving to 7-zip.

7-Zip conversion is now in effect.

We have decided to proceed with the move converting any archived files into the 7-zip or .7z extension. The reason for this move is to help with getting users the files they need faster. This blog is ready to try new technologies to make communication faster. Thus, 7-zip will be a welcome addition. As an added side-effect transitioning to 7-zip will help with the backups and overall optimization.

What will be converted into 7-Zip format?

  • Music project files and presets used for making songs..
  • 3d project files along with texture graphic information.
  • Attachments in blogs for windows environments. Especially those relating to drivers since 7-zip benefits the most on compressing archives with same files but different configurations..
  • Any game modification or tutorial files. This includes tutorials on the Ouya even through it is technically classified as Android most of them require ADB via PC and thus those archives will be in 7-zip..

What will NOT be converted into 7-Zip format?

  • PDF files as they are already compressed and produce minimal compression when using 7-zip
  • Certain game mods such as StepMania's (SMZIP) extension. As it is already compressed and far more convenient to download and install direct into StepMania.
  • Linux files - Those archives within the linux format will remain in their tar/gzip or .tgz extension format for ease of use.
  • Android files - The recovery console such as ClockWorkMod is limited as to what formats it will accept ROM images from. Also, APK's are compressed on a native level. The savings would be non-existent.

When will this happen?

On some sections of our blog this will happen almost instantly. Other sections will take a little longer as the conversion to 7-zip may impact things like the way a certain tutorial is portrayed. But eventually anything that is downloadable minus the excluded files will be in the new 7-zip container ready to rock!

How can I open 7-Zip files?7-Zip logo.

We will break it all down by OS to better serve you.


Many things can open it from using 7-Zip directly to using WinRAR to unzip a 7-zip file.


To compile by source you could download the latest source version here and following the instructions. Note, these instructions will assume the filename you downloaded is zip_9.20.1_src_all.tar.bz2 if your version number is different adjust accordingly:

tar jxvf p7zip_9.20.1_src_all.tar.bz2
cd p7zip_9.20.1/
 sudo ./

It should also be noted on Debian distros such as the Raspberry Pi you could do an:

apt-get install p7zip

However, certain flags are missing in the compiled distro like -p for password protection. Check the download page on 7-zip to see if there's a pre-compiled version for you.


For ease of use we recommend Keka for opening 7-zip files.


Really? Holy shit. Aminet link is here for you bro. Rock on with the WorkBench!


Like windows RarLab's made one called RAR on Google Play that can decode 7-zip files. X-plore file manager from Google Play  is a really good one if you want to play with the files after you are done unzipping them. Also on Google Play. There's tons more on Google Play.

The balance rant.

OMG S! So annoying! Can't you just keep everything in .zip like a normal human being?!? WTF!!

On one hand you want things to be compatible. Such as what the zip archive has provided to us since the 90's. Zip seems to be an integral part of almost every OS you use. With its ability to embed an unzipped tool directly into the GUI. This eliminates the need to even explain a reason as to why you should download anything else! On the other hand. Just because it's old doesn't mean it's good. Sure! It does it's job just fine but when you can take an archive that compresses fifty percent and say that i can compress it eighty percent or more? What about duplicate files within an archive which is popular to have with drivers? That is when the balance shifts from being the computing standard to being on the front-line of hosting. Besides the bandwidth saving you also have the added benefit of getting files to your users faster.

Final thoughts.

  Ultimately it comes down to this concept called "progression." That if everyone holds onto the standards of old. There will never be any progress to find new and better standards in the future. It used to be that computers just didn't have the kind of computing power to use compression tools of this level on a daily basis. However, as processing power becomes progressively powerful using 7-zip becomes almost a non-issue. Sure there is annoyances of having to actually download a 7-zip client instead of just relying on what's in your operating system. But then again we shouldn't be relying on whatever the operating system gives you because typically it's shit. We hope this move is a positive step forward. Until then, don't die. +++ END OF LINE.

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