Wisconsin government tax pandora box. Don’t copy a floppy?

Wisconsin sales tax which can't be controlled.

Now, taxing downloads and digital purchases. not only is this a -very- hard action to try and perform. The only people you're realistically going to screw over are American companies that are currently selling digital media. If I Paypal my songs from some Russian server run by the mob over in Moscow. they sure as hell are not going to pay Wisconsin 5.5 percent sales tax? This is almost as ridiculous of a tax as congress wanting to pass the 1 cent e-mail tax.


But you know. there is a scary aspect to this all. They're pretty much admitting that information is no longer free, which is the original infrastructure of what the internet was supposed to be. and by admitting such things. now they can prosecute piracy under the guise of tax evasion. We're all mobsters in the eyes of the government. A bunch of people who usurp the 'common good'. This is as almost as bad as the 'net neutrality' argument. where if you're for it, then you are in fact encouraging the government to police the ISP's and effectively police the internet. and if you are against it. then you're all for companies theoretically blacklisting places like YouTube to ask for high extortion fees. once again. become a mobster, or join a communistic society.

To me. the greatest crimes against humanity isn't war or genocide. it is when you inhibit the ability of human evolution. And it's bills like this which will drag the society of the US into a despite 3rd world country. I think the Vatican should've been destroyed for their actions. but alas! Evil succeeds while the good dies. it's just that now evil makes movies giving the illusion that good guys win when in fact they don't.

Okay okay, a little too overdramatic I know. If you just want to get tax-free downloads simply type in 90210 for your zip code. This is fun because California has a tax exemption on internet download media. And the great irony is your using the zip code of the most expensive place in the world!

The link above is relevant. This is the anti-pirate commercial revision for don't copy that floppy. Now! With Klingon's. The funny thing about this whole commercial is how it's still a joke. And there are laws against selling copied media. But it's a slippery slope when you start saying that just the nature of copying 0's and 1's suddenly because of crime. Because how far can you go before thought itself gets copied?

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