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Lately, I've been getting some e-mails and some comments that the best way to put it would be categorized as pure aggression.  That everything that you read/hear/think has to be placed into this blurry red haze of anger where you can no longer control your hands as they smash keyboards, LCD screens, your grandma, clones of your grandma until you are drowning in a pool of your grandmas blood screaming your last breath for more. Blacking out into a coma only to wake from a cold sweat to repeat this vicious cycle once more! Read on to see more rant-level action.

E-Mail aggression is awesome!

So I get a few of these a month. They're short and sweet and go along the lines of this:

Your site is shit!

No direct reason that set off this e-mail. It's good to know that my e-mail is still working! So at least that part isn't broken! Message received! However, there is one solid rule about the internet in general that has existed ever since the pre-historic days of shell accounts:

On the Internet, you are shit until proven otherwise - Anonymous.

Internet savage complex.

Due to the bombardment of ads, fake sites, and click-bait propaganda the average internet user can get very jaded about their outlook of the net and rightfully so! When you publish anything online you have to site your sources in order to validate your information because who is this blogger that you're reading? You don't know! This feeling of suspicion is good! We're not CNN! We would rather you check everything then just blindly believe everything we say! By using the logic of the rule above. Then shit=unproven or just starting. This is why I can accept this baseless accusation. We are starting, and eventually we will get better. Calm down and enjoy the show.

Competition for everything!!!!

You'll trying to kill example.yourtechsite.com! Asshole! - Anonymous

There's this hyper-competitive aspect of the internet that took over and quickly embedded itself. Around the time big business starting dropping mad cash into things like YouTube just to start. Everyone thinks this is perfectly normal to behave like this. The obsessive-compulsive behavior of begging for likes and subscriptions on the "Information Super-Duper-Highways" in the hopes of boosting your viewership count. Just to start the self-destructive cycle on the next video in an attempt to be "Edgy". To these people it's impossible to have MULTIPLE SOURCES *GASP* of information that there must always be a number one site. God forbid that number one site you invested no money into is going down because it's the end of the world! You get to watch otherwise normal people sociologically obliterate themselves out of the interest of getting a few extra 'thumbs up' buttons. Many of these people believe that the internet should be condensed down to a handful of sites and kick the rest to the curb with preferably their site being at the top of this proverbial food chain. Some even believe in the terrible Orwellian future of web 2.0 where you need a "internet license" in order to speak.

Our projection.

Truth of the matter is that your number one site is probably dying from the inside because money got in the way before content and before community. Obstruction the very essence of communication itself until it eventually becomes this dinosaur-like how we view the 10'o-clock news. Why wait until 10? because money said so! shut up and watch! Like! Subscribe! Get the newspaper and become just like your grandparents! Happy consumers that stayed in line like good little sheep! FurAffinity Homepage We're not trying to kill your favorite site because in many cases your favorite site is too busy trying to kill themselves. We built this site to get away from this brutal and vicious circle of competitiveness. Not to be apart of it. We encourage you to visit MANY sites not just our own which is why the cellar door page on our site exists in the first place. If you believe that your experience is less then satisfactory from the quality or content of this site that you get a full money-back guarantee. That's right! All $0.00 is waiting at the end of that click. Thanks for stopping by! It's simply fascinating how people of the net turn into this state of perpetual aggression. That no lessons are learned from the past. By design, everything has to be a cut-throat industry where you are either #1 or you're on the side of the road curled up into a fetal position burning in your wreck of a car.

That's what server said.


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