The things seen on Web2.0

Just random things I have to say about the web.

These are the rants of a person that has seen way too much! It is highly unlikely anyone will read but it's better than cramming all of your thoughts into 140 characters.

Web 2.0 repeater bots.

The first trend that can be noticed on the web is how people tend to use their social network engines like repeaters. That sure they are good people in the real analog world. But oftentimes they will just re-post the same political propaganda over and over again, using it as a bludgeon until others around them start to do it in return. If you, of course, have a varying view of opinion. Suddenly it cannot be tolerated and you are shunned from that circle of the social network.

Web 2.0 has really made the world selfish this way. That instead of sitting down and justifying why you think a certain way you simply let stories from random news journals and sites mashed together like puzzle pieces do the talking for you. Often with as bad of a knee-jerk reaction as the supposed people who claim to be the unbiased media when in fact many of them simply want to be fictional writers and talk-show hosts. Who can blame them really? We're all kind of stuck in a world we don't want to be in. So to talk about its destruction does tend to get the rocks off on some people out there.

Before this site existed there was a point that LiveJournal was used instead before they were bought out by the Russians. Those times will be missed, even though you could pull stories into your LiveJournal the same way that you do now. It was usually followed by an editorial from your family or friends on their take of the situation. That there was an actual sense of communication. Now that is gone with a simple few clicks of a mouse. There is nothing you can do to a human repeater except to remove them and carry on with your life. Hope that they find their voice before they die.

Artificial Intelligence.

There was a quote that we are not sure where it comes from. But it is something which is liked the most.

I am not afraid when robots become more like humans. I will be afraid when humans become more like machines.

- Unknown

When you see the highest and richest people in the world coming out against Artificial Intelligent robots. It's because they are terrified on the possibilities. That they can no longer control a massive number of humans. Or worse still that a robot could teach them something about humanity that even they forgot about. When we see robots we see them are DARPA programmed crazed killing machines. Which hey! If you ever want to see the heart of darkness just read press releases from DARPA.

Nothing could ever prepare a person, especially a successful psychopath then total humiliation. To witness a total reversal of the human workforce from a 6-hour workday to now what many experiences as 10-14 hour workdays while others can barely get 2 hours as inhumane to your fellow man that a robot could see right through. That it isn't right to push so many hours just to go to sleep in a coffin only to start again. Or to simply do an amazing feat such as go into space without clawing your way through all of the red tape.


Post-Apocalyptic tacos!

We also view the end of civilization as some religious or military power going ballistic and destroying the known world in the limited and "financially safe" view from Hollywood. What if the world didn't end with a glorious battle but over a person who cannot read a machine that said "press here to arm bomb" and just kept hitting it because he wanted 50 cents off of his bag of potato chips and cannot be bothered to read the giant red screen telling him a warning sign that will end him, his family and the 2.1 million people around him. We're not as vocal about mechanization as our parents were in the 50's. But in many ways at a subconscious level we still want to see voluntary enslavement because to us it gives the "Human Element" as companies like GE like to coin into a catchphrase.

You know what I said about the media? Yeah, I thought of being a fiction writer too. But my brain isn't wired for it.

Mainstream takeover of the subculture.

Have some weave silk artwork.Weavesilk is a cool site.

A few weeks ago there was an announcement from a prestigious social network company that decided to take over an art server that deals with furry fandom, both general audience and adult. Wild accusations were thrown around about how they are going to commit massive evil. And when all of the dust settles nothing much will happen beyond the fact that one admin which has been doing his job on donations and duct-tape will now have a healthy bonus to purchase a house and have a decent salary per year.

If it really bothered people that much they can take their business elsewhere. But they don't; Instead, they would rather sit on the site that feeds them every day with new customers and continue to bite that hand harder with each passing day. Until everything is destroyed they will then scratch their heads wondering what happened? Why did this happen and why aren't there any reliable sites for them to abuse admins for free on anymore?

What interest does the mainstream have in taking over a subculture or group of people? It's simple really, they believe that they can tap into the creative stream if they fund the sites they use. There was a thought process that a successful man said whilst running a convention. The statement was as follows :

People don't know what they want. They are too stupid to know what they want! They have to be told that they want something. That it holds more value than money and that it is a life-changing experience. Then you can soak them for everything they got!

- E*** L

It's a terrible statement to make. But over and over again it is seen as truth as the turn out numbers and money exchanged does not lie. For cultures who believe that they are so creatively superior they fall into the same traps that the mundanes which they make fun of fall into. Marketing 101 is the only way to sum it all up.

Contact US - VT100From the digital back to the analog.

It's nice to be online. It does generate a sense of comfort when doing things. Almost a sense of freedom because the words that you type are %100 meta. That without pictures moving or still to tie you down that you are left to the whims of the imagination of others. This in the limited opinion of how stories are written. However often times people wish to tie both the digital world to the analog existence of living on the planet Earth. Throwing away any caution to the wind as they write what they want which either no one is interested in or is so inflammatory that it ends up destroying their real-life analog sphere. It's very expensive if not impossible to get a fresh start with analog.

As you make the progression from being something in the digital empire to walking into a hotel or a meeting spot in the analog world. The digital slowly destroys itself in the process as your real form is shown in analog. Often times you will not hear from those that have been destroyed. They will simply walk away because once the people that loved them see them for who they are in reality it is unlikely they will talk to them either! For those who have tied the two spheres together, there is no loss. This can almost be defined as a net-based generation gap between two age groups on the internet.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

After reading countless other blogs from the most prestigious sites on the net. Following all of the instructions that the search engines provide. The conclusion is clear:

It's all bullshit!

- S

You have the search engines stating that no site should have an image larger the 1000px in size when people are running with high definition monitors. Using standards dating back to y2k which the 56k modem and shell accounts were still "A thing". Compiled with all of these so-called experts where their opinion is valid for maybe 3 months before what they taught is abused forcing the engines to redesign themselves all over again. It would make any person throw their hands up at the monstrosity of the net that dedicates their lives to only a handful of search engines to govern over the entire network.

While some of the suggestions they give are valid. There are others I have to simply say "No way" to because it would fundamentally destroy this site like W3C compliance does. Sure, your site is viewable from the newest browser to a commodore 64 running lynx. But it's not fun or graphically nice on the eyes.

They're also used to worry about "Webutation" or the reputation of your website. But quickly looking up some sites showed me that even if you are a total monster riddled with Mal-ware Trojans, pop-ups and hate speech it only drops to %70 so what's the point really? Once again, "Webutation" is another buzzword that you can ceremoniously throw into the trash-can.

That's all I have today.

Server protect you.


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  1. Dear sir or ma'am:

    I am writing to complain about the shopping experience I had on 10/05/2003. There are too few cashiers! The lines were long and my chips were stale when I got home last Tuesday. I blame Donald Trump - he's too old, and I don't agree with his hair. Just look at this video my nephew sent me. How do I close this?

    242 51 1415 is my social security number for your cyberdatas. Please send help. I want my chips!


    • Dear Joseph,

      Do not worry about your potato chips. Automated turrets will be installed at all of the local Red Block stores throughout the state. Feel comfortable in knowing that everything is Donald Trumps fault.

      We also thank you for your social security number and it will be included in all of our cyberdatas citizen. You will receive a fresh bag of potato chips after all other customers which shopped at Red Block will be summarily executed from 10/05/2003 to present day. This will ensure the cashier head count will be compliant with government regulation. It is the only way.

      As for closing your video. You're bitched, sorry, there's nothing we can do. It will burn into your LCD from this day forward. Your nephew is a dick.

      Warm regards, love and bullets

      - S


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