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I notice a lot of people come to my site for various support topics for the Ouya and I figured that I should make an article dealing with some of the Ouya Support in terms of troubleshooting issues that were simply too small to exist under one article. These are questions which pop up time and time again in forums as well as on reviewers that decide is a fatal flaw of the console. Just a kind note that your Ouya has a 1 year warranty from the time of your purchase to be sure to keep that sales receipt in case something catastrophic happens to it. Update 5/16/2015 - The volume of articles I keep writting for this subject is getting rather high and exceeding 10,000 words for a single page. So I've decided to break up the articles into individual pages to better serve you. [quote]Why doesn't Ouya just say any of this on their site? Why do I have to find this information on some blogger site or forums!?[/quote] To be blunt it's bad PR for a console company to admit that there's some issues that arise. They don't want to go through every scenario because frankly it scares the hell out of a potential customer of all of the things that could  go wrong with a product you are about to buy. Keep in mind that at the time of posting this article is all of the known problems that has been occurring with this system. Some of these problems have happened to my friends while others I experienced first-hand myself. We went out of our way buying broken Ouyas on ebay to find these problems. Not all of these problems will happen to you if you purchase one! This blog entry is almost like a sticky-note of all of the potential problems I have experienced and what was done to take care of the issue. [quote]What are your credentials for giving support to people with the Ouya Gaming console?[/quote] None! What information you find here can only be taken at face value and used at your own risk. Although this blogger site is very fond of the console we have no affiliation with Ouya incorporated , Razor or any of its employees. Ouya Review link to company. Core Ouya Support:

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Third Party Ouya support.

Ouya-to-Cyanogen-TitleSoftware Flashing and Cyanogen specific support:

Closing statements for Ouya Support:

This article is by far not over and is subject to change and/or additions depending on what going on with the state of Ouya Support .

A note to those reviewers who are looking for testament that the Ouya is a bad console because of this article.

  • XBox classic Christmas Lighst of death (red to green to red again!)
  • ALL - DVD rom drive failures! Some more then others!
  • XBox 360 Red Ring of Death
  • Sony PS3 early gen flashing amber light of death due to poor ventilation in the fat models.
  • Sony PSP-2000's very easily breakable power switch.
  • Nintendo Wii overheat while asleep causing ATI chip to burn out also just like the Ouya NVRAM issues can occur as well.
  • Nintendo Wii Non-volitile ram failure loosing all save data rendering console useless.

Even though it's very rare for an Ouya to fail. You can't single out the Ouya and say it's a terrible console due to its hardware failures without first recognizing the past of the video game industry. That consoles which have had hundreds of millions of dollars poured into them have also had similar failures as well. The Ouya is a success because they met their Kickstarter Goal and they delivered a product (Everything after that admitting is terrible company decisions that have nothing to do with the hardware) . In light of that you must also acknowledge that anything that is 'new' is bound to have some bugs and software glitch issues. To me the Ouya served it purpose. Even if the Ouya servers were to disappear off the face of the earth I would still be happy with my side-loaded apps

This sucks! I didn't find the answer I was looking for on your page!

Keep in mind this is just a personal blog. Our apologies if you didn't find what you are looking for and we understand its frustrating to troubleshoot problems with any hardware that is supposed to entertain you. The only this site can offer to you is links to some other places you could go that has more people and possibly more answers for you and hope that you find what you are looking for.

  • OuyaForum - It's linked on the Ouya homepage as the official forum but it is all run by volunteer moderators. Many of them have seen it all and have had their Ouya since the Clear dev-kit versions! Although it's a little tough to seach the forums it is a great place to start.
  • Ouya - You can go to their support section and hear it directly from the company itself. They may have a solution for you and if not you can open a ticket with their helpdesk.

Server protect you, and don't die.


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  1. I recently picked up a Ouya, but since the servers are down I can get past the initial setup due to no connection to the server. Is there any way around this. I have tried to do the CyanOuya install, but my win10 machine recognizes the device and wont allow me to update/change the driver due to a system being a 64bit os. (sorry dont have the exact error when I wrote this)

  2. My Ouya seems to have factory reset itself.....now it will not connect to the Ouya network during the setup process (both Wifi and Ethernet) I am unable to continue the setup process. My Ouya is now completely unusable.

      • Now I'm assuming that you are trying more then just the Wi-Fi connection and have hardlined your Ouya via a LAN line just to eliminate any configuration issues with your network. The next thing to do if all network function fails is to legitimately do a factory reset on the Ouya by hand by hooking a USB keyboard up to your Ouya. As you power it on hold down the keys "alt" + "prtscrn" while rapidly pressing the "I" key as you power on your Ouya. It's kind of annoying to do all of this at once and may take a few tries to get it right. But you know it worked if you get a red exclamation on your screen. That means you are in recovery mode.

        You can clear the cache and do a factory reset in there. In the absolute worst case scenario which is ROM corruption. You can attempt to restore factory stock by following this tutorial. Your Ouya will not have the ClockWordMod rom by default and there will be some thing missing such as clearing dalvik cache. But the basics are still there such as side-loading via ADB.

    • Under stock Ouya it's considerably harder to change your Wi-Fi Name as Ouya stock uses Android 4.1.x. You will require ADB access to do this and you may require root access for the changes to stick.

      Once you're connected and you "ADB Shell" into your Ouya:

      getprop net.hostname
      setprop net.hostname whatever_new_hostname

      If you are using CyanogenMOD it gets considerably easier as you can change your hostname in the advanced menu settings since android 4.2.x.

  3. I want to use my OUYA for KODI with a remote only. It pops up and makes me turn on the OUYA controller. Is there a way to disable this?

    • Are you meaning that the controller pairing screen pops up while watching a movie? That's a weird one and it has never happened to me before as I use Kodi with my Iphone as a remote and once the application is launched my controller can sleep the day away while my phone takes care of control. Well, there's a few basic troubleshooting steps I can suggest which I'm not sure if you have tried yet.

      1. Go to MANAGE > CONTROLLERS > SETTINGS > and make sure that "Keep Controllers on for media applications" is checked. This is kind of a laughable option as I have mine checked and my controller still turns off after 10 minutes. But It may stop the Ouya from freaking out asking to pair a controller.

      2. Go to MANAGE > SYSTEM > ADVANCED > and then go to Bluetooth using the mousepad to click on the setting icon in the right unpair any erroneous or duplicate controllers from this menu. Be mindful or the Ouya Controller has the word "Connected" underneath as if you delete that one you will have to hook up a keyboard to pair again.

      2. Make sure your Kodi is up to date. as of this posting the version is v14.2 there may have been an unforeseen bug the Kodi team may have overlooked that is causing the weird controller issue.

      3. There is an app by Eldon McGuinness called "BootyCall" on the Ouya Discover store you may want to try. Despite its bizarre name its primary function is to auto-launch programs in a sort of Kiosk mode. For example, if you want your Ouya to immediately go to Kodi, this app will take care of it for you. But one of the side features of this app is something called "Controller Monitor" which deals with modifying how long the bluetooth pairing screen exists on your Ouya, you may be able to adjust it to zero and be good to go from there. (which if you do adjust it to zero and loose your bluetooth pairing you'll have to hook a USB keyboard up to go into the pairing menu again. Just a fair warning. :) )

      4. When all fails, you can check out the Ouya Forum. Where as I am one guy that compiled this list off of a half a dozen Ouya's that I own or have given to friends and family. You might get solutions from A LOT of guys with ouyas.:)


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