Gift Art – S by Gryphythingy.

S Gryphythingy - Title

Holy shit, more gift art! Gryphythingy was a streamer coming from Chile, Central America but also is a very talented artist. We try to stay in touch as much as possible especially during these troubling times of COVID where business is uprooting itself and moving elsewhere. He's been having a really tough time emotionally. and ... Read more

Commission – “S” by Kansyr

Interesting style time! I wanted to see how my character looked in another artists style. So, I turned to the Mastodon network. Found a furry artist through the federated network that was looking to do some commission work and I took up her offer.   IrresponibleFun@Mastodon A.K.A Kansyr@twitter and Kansyr@Furaffinity did an awesome job. Thank ... Read more

Financial Gift donations

Financial Donations - Title.

Throwing money at the blogger in the past. This section talks about those who have given us cold hard cash to do with as we please which will probably go right towards server costs. Our first donation arrived in 2017 which is approximately five years after the site's existence the time-stamp shall begin in 2017. ... Read more