Gifts/Commissions to the blogger

Onward to the gallery of Gifts and Commissions!

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Gift Art -

Is by far one of the most important sections of my site which is the gift art section. Over time and with many friendships both in and out of the fandom we have come to receive art from people who wanted to draw something just for the fun of it. Or perhaps made some sort of impact in their life not entirely sure. We are very appreciative of every single one of them. An attempt will be made to post links to their respective contact points whenever possible.

Commission art -

Is also important as well as money is placed into an artist to create something such as a character with their interpretation in mind. Some artists view it as a challenge; Others as a business. Regardless, we are grateful for every artist that has completed a commission for us. It should also be noted that throughout our years of blogging, it's rare to see a commission finish. So, this is why it is celebrated here at

To whom it may concern.

We appreciate all of the efforts and hard work that artists put into making drawings of us lowly bloggers through various iterations throughout our existence. You may not understand how much this impacts us but this page is to celebrate this very fact.

Usual cautions and disclaimers:

Some of the pictures have been modified for presentation to a general audience. This site will not throw adult material at you without considerable warning (our policy and no one else's.) As such, some of the links to artists' sites may contain images that may be suitable for mature audiences.

In Closing.

To all those who have given us their artwork in the past, you are not forgotten! We would like to thank all of those who have drawn our characters throughout the years. It is you who are truly great people and why this section should be sacred on my site. Separated from all of my dribble and sketches because what is presented here is what keeps bloggers such as ourselves going throughout the years.

May server protect you!