Footer Spam. And SecondLife WebViewing

Spam on Footer and SideBar...

In an effort to not confuse the hell out of Google, Bing and other search engines. I have cleaned up the footer spam on my site It served its purpose for a time but as my site grew in both content, tagging, etc; It sort of became far too unmanageable. That and when I was looking at my site on an iPhone I considered scrolling a little bit of a nuisance. A few of the columns I shall be adding to the site as actual pages such as my favored links of things.

I do have to thank Kriese for pointing out a way to disable the side-bar on the blog template pages. he provided this code to me which injected into your custom.css allows me to have bigger previews for the people that visit this site.


.template-blog .sidebar{

.template-blog .content.eight.units{

.template-blog .seven.units.entry-content{

SecondLife web-viewer

My Site as seen in SL clean and spam free

I have to say that the usage of a responsive theme is almost essential for the hard net-runners of SL where people look at your profile and click the 'load' button to see your webpage. Because by default this is how the in-house secondlife browser tends to view a website. Which dimension wise it's similar to how IPhones will look at a website. The only thing I noticed on -really- primitive devices like Palm Pre's the image gallery just about locks up the phone in processor power (It's only 500mhz. Come on!). but otherwise it's in good shape.

I will note however, the only downside of viewing my site from the secondlife viewer is that it does not support fonts for certain situations (like quotations) and just bolds the sentence instead. But out of everything that could go wrong. That's such a minor bug.

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