The Social Blades.

The social blades cut us a little bit each day.

Time is your heart pumping blood. Each day people cut away a slice of that time to check their phones and check their socials for that little endorphin rush.  Because even though the world has never been more connected. Those same people have never felt so alone.

Here you will find Links to some of the social networks that you may find us on. As for WHY exactly we are on these platforms? It's simple:

We do it for promotion and for lulz. - S

The promotion aspect is rather self-apparent as this is how people get their information. Often times they're not sitting in front of a computer. They're on the move much like our RL existence. As such it's important to stay on these networks just long enough for promotion.

As for the lulz. Well, we tend to shit-post like the best of them! So we want some quick chuckles until the ads kick in and make us close the app entirely.

Bleed on the social blades scattered on this net!

This will be limited to things that we use. Anything older than a year will be removed from this list.

Mastodon TitlePleroma Fediverse Instance.

Already on a Fediverse instance like Mastodon? Search for me at Our presence will be better known there throughout most of these social networks.

2nd attempt at giving the Fediverse a try. More info here.

Stimulus Social NetworkStimulus

Note: May blog about this later if feeling cute. - Run by a sticker company in Amsterdam, NY, USA that got into drama with Twitter over giving out money and decided to say "fuck it" and start their own social network. Better then space man.

Odysee Title.Odysee

The asshole didn't even write anything on the note on this one! When we want to shit-post videos. This is the spot.


Twitter Title.We got some "Twitters" for you!

Even more of these damned notes along with some rant about spaceman throwing sinks all over the place: Not much happening here due to space man.. Seriously, fuck space man.

In closing.

We thank you for taking the time to contact us.


May server protect you!

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