We are mortal.

Collapsing internet universe title.

We sometimes eat dirt when learning this lesson. We are not perfect nor absolute. Just a node of server. Corrective action. A blog article has been removed over the subject of a collapsing internet. The concept that eventually you can sum up the entire internet to a handful of social networks and products from a ... Read more

State of the blog – 2024.

Liminal Spacing.

Although late to the party. Here's to 2024! This New Year's Eve we spent at home and by ourselves. It was super uneventful really.  Didn't go to the Barcade like the year prior. Nor did we go to the lakeshore. Or to a warehouse listening to speed metal cooking 36lbs of meat in a 55-gallon ... Read more

Dear SEO

Self-Hosting Title.

Hello SEO optimizers/grifters/scammers and to whom it may concern.

This post is considered a mass-response to the endless deluge of e-mails from supposed "SEO Experts" and chances are they will never read this response. Or, perhaps, for those who don't run a blog like we do. This will allow you a peak into an aspect of web design that no one frankly knows because the goal-post of getting to the 'top' of any search engine on the clear-net is perpetually moved by design. This leaves people holding onto standards that either are meaningless or are absolutely dangerous to follow.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is this supposed pseudo-science of cleaning up a website to make it more searchable for robots. Under the beleif there's 'experts' in the field that if you just open your wallets your site can bask in the glory of being on the top of the mountain of shit.

Keep in mind, a lot of these e-mails we get are so cookie-cutter template designed that even AI generated e-mails about SEO sound the same. Which makes it easier for us to answer these burning questions they may have about our site. Also understand the best way to handle these e-mails coming at you is to simply not reply to the levels where they think you as a human are dead. If everyone is a bot to them, then bots can give out Paypal payments for doing almost nothing.

To all of my friends on Tor and I2P. Be glad the network is small enough to not have to put up with this level of horse shit that the clear-net tries on the daily.

Would you like to know more? Read on for continued diatribes.

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Oh no, another YouTube article!

YouTube Censorship Round 3 title.

This time, YouTube is dropping the hammer on people who protect their PCs from ads.

We know we're going to eventually be blacklisted by Google. At this stage in our lives, we simply give zero fucks.

This shouldn't come as a surprise given how YouTube has increased the cost of YouTube Premium to a variable rate. In some countries, monthly fees for premium subscriptions have doubled. While other services such as Netflix are telling the subscribers they get to pay premium fees to watch commercials just like cable TV does to the average American audience. With Amazon, they arbitrarily threw the middle finger at their "Prime" customers starting next year telling them they're going to get commercials whether they wanted them or not. Which ironically misses the entire point of streaming services being a better alternative to cable television.  And why is this happening? Well! Simply put it's all about Greed.

Would you like to know more?

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Banned on Ahmia

AHMIA Tor Search.

A story about robots, Tor/I2P, and how they just don't mix.

Please don't rain hate down on the operators of this site. They're trying to stay legal in Finland and because of the sheer volume of entries received, we understand why they deployed a robotic system to assist. But as YouTube knows (and doesn't fucking care) robots have a tendency of identifying false positives as potential threats. Our site was deemed as one.

Would you like to know more?

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DIY Lighting.

DIY Lighting title.

DIY Lighting for the camera, for the home, and for the lulz.

We tried LED commercial lighting. It was a mistake for the most part. We think the very first bulb we purchased was one called "Switch" from Batteries Plus. It was an LED bulb that was liquid-cooled using some type of oil inside of it that was non-conductive keeping the entire assembly cool. It was promised to last up to 10 years.

Guess what? That didn't happen. So after watching some YouTubes, give it a few tries. I have something that's far superior and frankly wish I had done it sooner in my life. Read on if you wish to know more of my diatribes into DIY.


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October time!

October 2023

Meanwhile, back at the ranch.

While the rest of the great American retail world is trying to get past Halloween because it makes them look satanic; Straight past Thanksgiving because news agencies and commercials have mocked and psychologically broken the average American family; And just fast forward right to Christmas to force-feed good cheer down everyone's throat under the pretense to try to get multiple black Fridays to keep the machine alive and oiled. We at S-Config have kept our middle fingers very healthy this month and are slowly escalating that middle finger to have the same strength one would expect out of Kung-Fu movies. One finger death punch here we come!

This is just a quick update to let everyone out there know that after 11 years of being online. We're still shouting at the clouds! Read on for more random-assed diatribes!

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Hi Koss.

Koss Title.

We tried to talk to you, Koss. Now, we talk to the clouds.

As the title of this website says we exist somewhere within the city of Milwaukee Wisconsin and so does Koss! If you've been around for my dissection of Corsair Headsets you are very well aware that we are heavy users of headset/headphone technology.  When at home we sometimes jump on the ye'ol' telegram and talk to people for hours. Sometimes even get invited to events we cannot easily discuss, one part NDA, another part sexy robot time that would make most of the readers here uncomfortable!

This is my little diatribe of supporting a not-so-small local business and the trials that led us up to the point where it may be time we part ways from this company as a whole. It's very unlikely they'll even listen to us at this stage where I'm sitting on some lowly blog shouting into the clouds but it's better than leaving a bad review on Amazon only for manufactured positive reviews to overshadow the problems entirely. Understand Koss (and any other headset company that bothers to listen) that we don't hate you. We want you to get better. If possible, we'll even show you how. Because a blog is supposed to help.

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Self-Hosting Title.

previously , previously , previously

Inspiration to self-host is.....

As some are aware we decided to participate in this ancient practice known as webrings. This technique occurred because social networks didn't really exist in the 90s. You can't really blast your site out on IRC without someone bitching at best; Or, getting K-lined by an Op at worst. Finally, search engines back in the day were not elegant and often missed a lot of personal sites (Very much like they do today but for different reasons.) Usually to join a webring can be as simple as submitting a site and hoping the other side believes you are human enough to enter. Other webrings tend to go through forums in which people get support and offer commentaries on a thread.

One of those comments we found interesting was one that criticized the overall quality of self-hosting within the Webring community. That there are some that put up a website with some graphics, have one "Hello World" blog and if they have other categories leave construction gif icons everywhere and call it a day. It's ironically very Geocities of them and fits the 90's website aesthetic to a tee! But we've also heard of comments from people who build websites asking for help that they aren't even sure what to talk about once they got the site going.

Perhaps this is a good opportunity to help. So read on if you wish to listen to our diatribes further!

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