Flay / Hyena Colored Art

Flay the hyena!

What started out as just a simple sketch evolved into completed pictures and 3-d artwork of a character I dubbed "Flay" the Hyena. I was toying with the concept of cel-shading and seeing if I can do shading using only material properties and no special texture UV maps. See the results for yourself. Nearing the end my 3-d program lightwave was making decent hand-colored pictures.



Flay the Hyena Sketch 06Pencil sketch.

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Color Sketch for one of the monitors.

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Flay Monitor - 05 - SketchPencil Sketch for another monitor.

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Flay the Hyena Sketch 06

Colored pic for one of the monitors.

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Hyena Sketch 02Sketch of one of the monitors.

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Colored Picture of one of the monitors.

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Flay the Hyena sketch 05another sketch

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Flay the Hyena Sketch 04colored version for one of the monitors.

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Flay the Hyena Original SketchSketch of the main artwork

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Flay the Hyena completed ColorFinal picture with all of the pieces together.

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The process took about 3 hours to draw by hand and 6 hours to render with a pentium III 400Mhz machine using NewTek's Lightwave 5.0. It was really fun layering everything together and actually use even some of the sketches that I had in my sketch book essentially throwing everything I can at just one picture.

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Flay the Hyena Sketch 04

I had one more sketch of Flay but decided not to use him in the final run.

The 3-d artwork of Flay.

I decided that I wanted to take the art a step further and try to make it full 3-d rather then just 3-d backgrounds on a 2-d plane.

Flay the Hyena Model reference sheet.Direct Link.

So I designed a rough model sheel of all of the profiles of what I want it to look like.

Then , I decided to take this character a step further and hand-port him into lightwave using a spline technique. It came out pretty good and with the cel-shaded I wanted to see how close I could get to having a 3-d modeler make it look hand-drawn. here is the results of that.

Direct Linkhyena

Up close torso shot of the model with cel-shading active.

Direct Link.Flay the Hyena 3d running sequence.

This is a running sequence that I also had of Flay from the old days of lightwave 7.

3-d Model construction of Flay the Hyena.

I also saved some screenshots of the construction, but at the time I kept it low at 640480

Direct Link.Flay Lightwave head construction preview.

Head Construction done by taking a sketch into lightwave and splining the profile to make a 3-d face. Sketch has to be a very good profile in order for it to work!

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Flay Lightwave 3d body preview.

The Body work of the character.

Direct LinkFlay preview surface values in lightwave.

Flay has no textures! It's all done with polys and defining surface values!

Direct LinkFlay the Hyena Clothing in lightwave.

This was some clothing I was going to have ClothFX drive for a movie. But never got around to it.


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